The Government will allow more visitors to attend public events as of the middle of July

Stenbock House, 9 July 2020 – Today, the government decided to relieve the restrictions currently in force for public gatherings, events, and sports competitions as of 15 July and to increase the permitted number of visitors.

As of the middle of July, up to 2,000 visitors are allowed to attend outdoor events, replacing the current restriction of 1,000 attendants. For indoors, the current restriction of 500 people will be replaced by a limit of 1,500 visitors.

Meanwhile, the restriction of 50 per cent occupancy and the rule of dispersal are still in force. In order to limit the risk of contagion, visitors must also be distributed at entrances and exits, bathrooms, leisure areas, and other more popular gathering places.

Moreover, the government advises the organisers of both indoor and outdoor events to turn to the Health Board for recommendations on additional measures to prevent the spreading of the disease; the Health Board can then monitor the event and advise its organisers.