The government is harmonising restrictions on entertainment venues and sporting events

Stenbock House, 30 July 2020 – The government has decided to lift the restriction on the number of visitors to casinos, slot machine halls, nightclubs, hookah cafés, adult clubs, outdoor recreational activities and hobby education, outdoor sporting and training, and sports events with effect from Saturday.

On Saturday, the current limit of 100 people will be lifted in casinos and slot machine halls, as well as in nightclubs, hookah cafés, and adult clubs. However, service providers must continue to ensure the dispersion of people and meet the 50% occupancy and disinfection requirement.

The restriction of 100 people in recreational activities and hobby education will also be lifted from 1 August. The dispersion of people and compliance with the disinfection requirement must continue to be ensured, the 50% occupancy requirement also applies.

In addition, the restriction of 100 people in outdoor sporting and training sessions and organising sports events will be lifted from Saturday. Compliance with the requirement to disperse and disinfect must be ensured.

The government decided not to change the remaining restrictions.