The Government is forming an Experts’ Forum alongside the Economic Development Committee for handling the crisis

Stenbock House, 28 May 2020 – At today’s cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Jüri Ratas introduced the plan to form an Experts’ Forum alongside the Economic Development Committee that would advise the Government in the current crisis regarding economic recovery, improving the people’s subsistence, and increasing the competitiveness of companies.

‘The economy of Estonia and that of the whole world have borne immense losses caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which is why economic recovery, improving the people’s subsistence and facilitating the competitiveness of companies require great attention of the Government. We must utilise the best knowledge and experience available in Estonia to create the broad-based plan for economic recovery that is currently in development. This is why we are assembling an Experts’ Forum that will support the work of Ministers belonging to the Economic Development Committee, and the work of the whole Government. Very shortly, the Committee must provide the overall picture of the economic recovery package that is based on the proposals of experts, Ministries and institutions.’

Ratas added that we have to look at the economy, but we also have to see the people behind it. ‘Maintaining and increasing human resources is what helps our success the most in the long term. We must also include measures that improve productivity and employment as important aims in economic policy. Initiatives that facilitate research and development in both the private and public sector, the use of technological opportunities, and directing the state towards climate neutrality, are essential. We must also focus on reducing bureaucracy, developing domestic tourism, and bringing investments to Estonia,’ said the Prime Minister.

The composition of the Experts’ Forum will be approved by the Economic Development Committee and it will be headed by the Prime Minister. The activities of the Experts’ Forum are coordinated by the Strategy Unit of the Government Office.

The objective of the Economic Development Committee of the Government, formed under the 13 April 2017 Order of the Government of the Republic, is to promote the economic development of Estonia, and to improve the State’s competitiveness. The activities of the Committee are led by the Prime Minister. The members of the Committee are: the Minister of Foreign Trade and Information Technology, the Minister of Education and Research, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Social Affairs, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Other ministers participate in the Committee meeting when summoned by the Prime Minister, if the topic area covered requires the presence of another minister. The work of the Committee is organised by the Government Office. The next session of the Committee will be held on 9 June.