It takes people of all stripes to build a digital nation

It takes people of all stripes to build a digital nation

Patrick Collison, the CEO of Stripe, visited e-Residency to discuss our shared goal of empowering more entrepreneurs globally.

For as long as Estonia has had e-residents, they’ve been asking one question repeatedly: ‘When can we use Stripe for Estonian companies?’

Stripe is a technology company that offers powerful and flexible tools for internet commerce, including software to accept payments and manage businesses online.

We’ve heard you. And so too did Stripe, whose CEO Patrick Collison announced earlier this month that they are now beta testing its services with Estonian companies for the first time:

Collison is now in Estonia to understand our digital nation more deeply and has met with a wide range of people here contributing to the country’s startup ecosystem, including entrepreneurs and policymakers.

Yesterday, he came to visit the e-Residency programme office along with Siim Sikkut, Chief Information Officer for the Government of Estonia, to understand how our digital nation operates and discusss our shared goal of empowering more entrepreneurs globally. Watch this space.

Joel Burke, Head of Business Development at e-Residency, said after the meeting: “We’ve always been very impressed by Stripe, but the experts that we listen to most are the e-residents themselves who are out there building their location-independent companies. They’ve been very clear about why they think Stripe’s solutions are valuable for growing Estonian companies with customers across borders. It’s early days, but we are excited about the potential of working with Stripe more closely in future. This isn’t just good news for e-residents, but also Estonia’s citizen and resident entrepreneurs.”

During his visit, a number of entrepreneurs met with Collison and shared their own experiences of growing their Estonian companies, such as Jobbatical CEO Karoli Hindriks:

Collison himself tweeted later about the moment it sunk in just how digital Estonia has become: When he heard about this campaign from the Estonian Startup Leaders Club:

Online voting in Estonia actually takes about a minute so the other nine minutes are usually used for drinking coffee. By the way, Estonia also broke an e-voting world record last night shortly after Collison tweeted about it, as Estonian President Kersti Kaljulaid explained:

The final word about Stripe and Collison’s visit goes to e-residents themselves. Needless to say, they are pretty excited about the possibility of Stripe being available more widely to Estonian companies in future:

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