Here’s how to establish instant trust in all of your professional relationships

Here’s how to establish instant trust in all of your professional relationships is the newest member of the e-Residency marketplace.

This is a guest post submitted by a company that’s growing by serving e-residents. Learn more about working in partnership with the e-Residency programme here. is the newest member of e-Residency’s marketplace in the “Grow”-section. is an industry-leading provider of Primary Source Verification (PSV), the means of authenticating an individual’s professional documents such as degrees, diplomas and licenses.

Many of the individuals within Estonia’s digital nation are entrepreneurs, having a digital portfolio of authenticated professional documents will encourage will enable these founders to foster instant trust with clients, other businesses and fellow e-Residents. It also encourages collaboration between e-Residents and assists individuals who are seeking a new job opportunity to present their verifications. Like e-Residency, utilises blockchain which means that your documents are safe, secure and can be accessed, downloaded and shared at any time and from any location.

With free and discounted offers for e-Residents, is keen to support e-Residents throughout their professional journey. In addition to downloading their verified documents, e-Residents can also build their verified professional profile (known as myTrueProfile) and share their verified documents on LinkedIn to support and authenticate their professional background.

Ultimately, is on hand and ready to assist e-Residents at any stage in their career journey. To help further, we are offering a free education verification for the first 1,000 e-Residents who sign up after which e-Residents can enjoy a 33% price reduction on education verifications.

To take advantage of these offers, simply sign up on using the dedicated e-Residency portal, add a scan of your digital ID card and upload the education document that you would like to have verified plus the voucher code shown on the landing page E-RESIDENCY-FREE-DIPLOMA.

René Seifert,’s Chief Digital Officer says:

“We are delighted to announce that we are now part of the e-Residency marketplace. Both and e-Residency have utilised cutting edge technology and innovation to provide trusted global professionals with the tools they need to succeed in their careers and professional endeavours. By pairing our services together, we create an environment which fosters growth and opportunity, regardless of an individual’s physical location.”

Joel Burke, Head of Business Development for e-Residency says:

“TrueProfile is a very forward thinking product and we believe it will add considerable value to the e-Residency community. Today we already see people from across the world running location independent businesses but trust is often a factor that is hard to overcome for global entrepreneurs conducting business entirely remotely, and the ability to verify additional credentials on demand helps create an even more trusted business environment in the community.”

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