Government approved the composition of the research policy commission

Tallinn, Stenbock House, 11 June 2020 – Government approved the composition of the research policy commission for the next three years. The commission is led by the Minister of Education and Research Mailis Reps. Indrek Reimand, Vice Chancellor of Higher Education and Science of the Ministry of Education and Research, is the Vice Chairman of the commission.

The research policy committee shall be composed of ministries, the Government Office, important implementing bodies in the field of research and innovation, representative organisations of researchers and research institutions, major universities, scientific advisors of ministries and professional associations. The members of the Commission were confirmed: Ülle Jaakma; Jüri Jõema; Andre Veskioja; Jaanus Karv; Henry Kattago; Andres Koppel; Innar Liiv; Viljar Lubi; Ülo Niinemets; Peeter Raudsepp; Erle Rikmann; Marek Tamm; Aivar Usk; Urmas Varblane; Kristjan Vassil; Renno Veinthal and Mart Kalm.

The commission shall advise the Minister of Education and Research in preparing the topics to be discussed with the Research and Development Council and in carrying out the tasks assigned to it by the Council.

In addition, the commission will propose suggestions for developing Estonian research policy; for shaping the principles and strategy of financing Research and Development institutions; in cooperation with the innovation policy commission, advice will be given on strategic development plans for Estonian Research and Development activities and other tasks will be carried out.